We are a family owned business (Husband & Wife) that one day we decided to start our own business.

I will start at the beginning of how this all happened.

One day I (Nate/Husband) was bored searching ksl at work and came across a 1980's screen printer. Few hours later on the way home we ended up purchasing our first screen printer. Now I have been in the large format printing business for over 12 years but never screen printed. Elizabeth (wife) has never screen printed before either so we were in for a real treat. We started making our own clothing items and people started asking us to make them stuff as well. Suddenly we started working out of the garage fulfilling small orders and ended up falling in love with screen printing.

October of 2013 we received a phone call from Elizabeth's father who owns a building on Historic 25th street. He said his current tenant have left and the building was available if we wanted to try and open a legit business. After a long few nights we decided to take the plunge and open up The Sign Garage in November of 2013. At this time we purchased all new equipment a 6 color 4 station manual press and a 6' dryer for screen printing and a HP Latex 310 for large format printing.

Little did we know how busy the two of us would suddenly get.

Now we have a 2,500 sq ft shop in addition to the store front on 25th street. We are currently screen printing on an M&R Diamondback S 6 color 8 station automatic press with a 12' dryer. We are printing banners and signs on the HP Latex 310 54" accompanied by a 60" laminator and 48" vinyl cutter. In addition to these services we have added laser engraving and currently are running an Epilog Zing.